The only inhabited river island

22 February 2023.

Written by Matija Čaić

Yes, Croatia is known for its sea and many islands. However, for lovers of holidays in isolated places, there is something similar in the mainland of Croatia. Near the town of Pitomača, on the border with Hungary, on the river Drava, is located Križnica. The only Croatian inhabited river island.


River Drava is the border river between Croatia and Hungary. Since it flows through a lowland area, the Drava creates a multitude of branches and meanders. This is especially pronounced in the area of ​​the Križnica settlement. Here Drava creates an interesting phenomenon of bifurcation. It branches into few separate streams wich eventually merge again into the same body of water.


And this is how the island of Križnica was created.

Its area is about 5 km2. It can be reached either by a ferry that also transports cars, or by a 250-meter-long suspension footbridge, which in itself is an attraction and an adventure.

The settlement alone has 128 inhabitants.

For tourists, there is a beach with accompanying facilities in the southern part of the island, and two restaurants for accommodation and refreshments.

Typically for a meandering river, Križnica has the shape of a flower with 5 petals, and the strange things do not end there, the Drava made sure to create another island inside Križnica island.

Stone museum



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