Bijele stijene

Stone museum

19 June 2021.

Written by Matija Čaić

Within the Velika kapela mountain range, there is an area of ​​exceptional beauty, almost untouched by human hands. It is a group of various karst forms of extremely white color under a simple name, The White Rocks.

The White rocks

This strict nature reserve consists of two rows of ridges interconnected by the Boca pass. In this area, nature has played with various forms, from 50 meters high rocks, the abyss with eternal snow, pillars, amphitheaters, chapels and much more. All this makes a real museum of karst forms, a good part of which has not even been explored yet.

The very top of Bijele stijene is a boulder at a height of 1335 meters. The ascent to it is a bit more demanding, so it is necessary to use wedges and cables, but it pays off. From the top there is a beautiful view of the surrounding area, including the mountains Bjelolasica and Klek.

More significant forms on the white rocks are, the Fingers, the Elephant’s Beard, and the Chapel.

The Fingers are 5 vertical pillars lined up next to each other and about twenty meters high. The Elephant’s Beard is a large triangular rock tucked into a passage leading to the Chapel. The chapel is a valley surrounded by rocks that make up a real amphitheater. At the bottom of the valley is a hollow in the rock with an altar and a cross.

At the very entrance to the reserve there is a shelter open all year round, and ten meters away is a mountain lodge.

From where the river flows


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