Winnetou in Croatia

14 July 2022.

Written by Matija Čaić


Rastoke is a village on the river Slunjčica within the town of Slunj. In this area Slunjčica spreads into many waterfalls, lakes and backwaters, which gives this village a special beauty and charm. Due to travertine barriers and connections with the river Korana, Rastoke is also called small Plitvice lakes.

Apart from ecological beauties, Rastoke is also ethnographically significant due to preserved and restored mills. In such mills, powered by the power of water, woolen clothes were once washed, and even today one can buy flour grinded with millstones.

Especially fine and attractive is the Rastoke trout, which is served directly from the river to guests in one of the restaurants.


In 1962, the German film company made a film about the Indian chief Winnetou based on the books of the German writer Karl May. Part of the film was shot in Croatia as well. Mostly on Plitvice Lakes, but partly on Rastoke.
There was an Indian village and a saloon in Rastoke. Many citizens of Rastoke and Slunj acted as exstras and Slunj legend Mile Štrk played a role of Indian shaman.
In memory of that event, the original totem from the film still exists in Rastoke.

Dubovac castle


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