Dubovac castle

11 August 2021.

Written by Matija Čaić

Not so well known as Karlovac, Dubovac defended this area from the Turks much earlier. Today it is a favorite place for all citizens and their guests to stay, and Karlovac cannot be seen from any other place in this way.


Dubovac Castle dates from the 13th century. It was built on a hill where the remains of a settlement from the Bronze Age have been found.

At first it was an ordinary wooden fortress, but during the reign of the Frankopan family it was turned into a real stone castle built in the Renaissance style with Gothic elements.


A year before the construction of Karlovac began, the Turks attacked the Dubovac castle. It had already been besieged by the Turks, and in 1578, on Good Friday itself, they set fire to the surrounding settlement.

More about Karlovac: https://croatiaundiscovered.info/en/blog/the-fortress/

However, this time they aimed at none other than the commander of the Military Border, 77-year-old experienced Ivan Ferenberg, very willing to take revenge on them for the arson. Ferenberg defeated the Turks and brought 900 Turkish heads as a trophy. Historian Radoslav Lopasic states in his book “Karlovac – history and place of the city and its surroundings” that these 900 heads were built into the foundations of Karlovac in order to make the fortress especially strong and indestructible.

Background image: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Stari_Grad_Dubovac_01013.JPG

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