The great wall

29 December 2021.

Written by Matija Čaić

Yes, The Great wall of China is six thousand kilometers long world wonder that can be seen from space, or so claim those who were never in space. And yes, it is the longest fortification system in the world.

And no other wall is even close to it.

China’s first. Croatia’s second.

But, do you know where lies the second longest wall in the world? It is The Hadrian’s wall in England that stretches from Irish Sea to North Sea, dividing England in two halves. It is pity that only a small portion of this wall still exists.

The real second largest fortification system int he world with towers and fortresses and still in perfect shape is The Wall of Ston on Pelješac peninsula that connects two towns, Ston and Mali Ston (Small Ston).

Golden age of Dubrovnik

15th and 16th century was the golden age of The Republic of Dubrovnik. They ruled Adriatic with powerfull fleet and mighty walls around town. Export was the key to Dubrovnik’s wealth and most important good to export was salt.

To protect the biggest saltwork in Europe they built a wall that stretches from one coast of Pelješac peninsula to another.

The wall

Building of the wall began in 1333. and ended in 1506. Most important builders of the wall were Župan Bunić (1455.), Bernardin from Parma (1461.), Olivier the French (1472. – 1478.) and Paškoje Miličević (1488. – 1506.). Building of the wall costed 15 900 golden coins.

Walls and saltworks of Ston.

Source: Croatian Tourist Board. Author: Ivo Biočina

The wall is 5,5 kilometers long. 900 meters of the wall is int he shape of irregular pentagram and surrounds city of Ston. City itself is one of the best structurally planned cities of Europe. There is a moat along southern, western and eastern part of the city wall.

From Ston, wall stretches across hills in two rows untill it meets walls od Mali Ston.

Three fortresses and fourty towers guard the wall. Fortresses are Veliki Kaštio (Big Fortress) that guards saltworks of Ston, Podzvizd  (Fortress Under Stars), and Koruna (the Crown) in Mali Ston.

Walls of Ston. Author: Ante Vlašić

Ston today

Oldest saltworks in Europe is still operational and wall is open for tourist to walk along it and experience the history.

Background image: Croatian Tourist Board. Author: Ivo Biočina

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