Pag triangle

Pag triangle

14 July 2022.

Written by Matija Čaić

It is barren and deserted place so no wonder aliens decided to place their secret base here. They are not very good in hiding since Pag is place in Croatia with most UFO sightings. Most of sightings report UFO-s in triangular shape.

Moon in the sea

When you look from the coast on the northern part of island Pag, he really looks like Moon drowned int he sea. Strong wind bora that blows from mountain Velebit, spreads salty mist from the sea making soil on Pag unfertile for anything but most resilient plants.

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Pag triangle. Triangle – shaped area with stones different than in the surroundings can be clearly seen.


In 1999. Zlatko Grabovac was doing some field surveying around hill Velo Tusto Čelo (eng. Big Fat Forehead) when he noticed an area with rocks different then on the rest of the island.

When he measured that area he realized that it creates isosceles triangle with two sides 32 meters long and one 22 meters long with one angle pointing to star Sirius.

Further examinations discovered that rocks in triangle are much smaller, brighter and have different structure then those outside. Also they show red phosphorescence when exposed to ultraviolet light like they were exposed to intense heat in the past.

Official name for that phenomenon is Pag Venture Star. Geologists assume that it is 12000 years old.

On top of the hill there is something like ancient place of worshiping with stones arranged in geometric shapes, mostly triangles.


People who visited Pag Venture Star reported many unusual events. GPS turns off or connects with 6 satellites more than usually, batteries discharge and overall energy drain is experienced, on top oft he hill the feeling is odd and out of place, eerie filling like there is some dark and narrow energy involved.

Religious experiences

There is legend among local people that Jesus himself visited this place after resurrection. One of the most famous Croatian stigmatic, reverend Zlatko Sudac got his stigma while talking about Pag Triangle so that is why people link it with Holy Trinity.

Definitely place to visit

Consider all of this, Pag is definitely place to visit. And there is much more on the other side…

Background image:

The great wall


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