Museum of War for Independence

1 January 2022.

Written by Matija Čaić

During the War for Independence (1991-1995), the town of Turanj was the point where the enemy was stopped in an attempt to conquer Karlovac. Today, the museum is divided into open and closed part.

Closed part

The closed part of the museum is located in a building during the war called “Hotel California”. It housed the command of the defense of this part of the front. Only the walls of the building remained after the war, but for the needs of the museum it was preserved in glass to see the original condition, and at the same time made it suitable for a museum.

It is divided into three floors. On the ground floor there is a memorial room for Karlovac veterans, a souvenir shop and a cafe. On the second floor is a permanent exhibition “Karlovac 1991-1995”, and in the attic are a hall, library and offices.

Open part

Next to the building is the open part of the museum. In it, visitors can see cannons, tanks, armored vehicles and planes used in real battles.

Oštrica Wall


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