Little Dubrovnik

22 February 2023.

Written by Matija Čaić

In the past danger has always come from the east. Mostly from the Ottoman Empire. Therefore, the two largest and strongest fortifications in Croatia were built on the eastern borders. On the coast it is the world famous Dubrovnik, and in the continental part is the town of Ilok.


Ilok is the easternmost settlement in Croatia. It is located about fifty meters above the banks of the Danube river in one of the few hilly parts of the Pannonian Plain, so it offers a beautiful view of the surrounding areas.

Except for wine cellars, Ilok is also known for its well-preserved walls, which is why it is called Little Dubrovnik. With their 1350 meters, they are the longest in continental Croatia.

The Ilok fortress is dominated by the large Odescalchi castle and the church dedicated to St. Ivan Kapistran, a saint who led the Christian army to victory over the Turks near Belgrade, and was buried in Ilok.

A lonely rock


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