A lonely rock

18 February 2023.

Written by Matija Čaić

Rocks can look lonely too if they have no friends nearby. They need special attention and protection so that they do not get bored. One of these rocks is the Snowdrop rock.


It is located on a meadow next to the road between Bjelsko and Jasenko near Ogulin and the legendary mountain Klek. Although called Snowdrop, the rock looks more like a mushroom or a pear. This specific shape is due to its limestone composition, which contains elements of unequal resistance, so they dissolve differently under the rain and wind.

Snowdrop is specific in that its base rock does not surface anywhere else in the area. That is why this phenomenon, which is over 7 meters high, has been protected as monument of nature since 1966.

Premužić trail


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