Matić Poljana

Ice march

29 December 2021.

Written by Matija Čaić

During World War II in occupied Croatia, the partisans undertook incredible feats escaping the encirclement and maneuvering to strike where the enemy was most vulnerable. One such march led across Matić Poljana field.

Matić Poljana

Matić Poljana is a plateau in Gorski kotar near Mrkopalj. It is 3 km long, 300 meters wide, and is located at an altitude of 1030 meters.

The 13th Division set out on a 52-kilometer march from Škalić in Lika to Tuk in Gorski Kotar. They intended to rest in the village of Drežnica, but the village was so destroyed that no shelter or food welcomed the fighters. It was decided to continue. Deep snow and mountainous terrain made this march extremely difficult. The night caught them on Matić Poljana. On the night of February 19-20, temperatures of -30 degrees took 26 lives.

In memory of them, 26 limestone monoliths were placed on the field.

Photo: Wikipedia

Author: Flammard

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