House in house

14 July 2022.

Written by Matija Čaić

Six brothers

During the 19th century, a big Vuković family lived in the town of Bol on the island of Brač, which included, among other members, six brothers. In addition to size in numbers, the family was also gifted with ability and enterprise, making three brothers priests and the other three successful naval captains. The brothers owned a rather large sailboat, which they use for also very successfully traded in the Mediterranean and made quite a fortune. The surplus money was lent to fellow citizens, including Marko, a very short-tempered man with nickname the nickname Marko Sila (Marko the Force).

Trouble with Marko

Marko Sila owned a fair amount of land, and as he could not repay his debts, he sold the pieces to Vuković family until he was left with the one on which his house was located, which was already surrounded by the Vuković’s land.

On one of their trips, the three captain brothers, met an equal number of Spanish women who were so beautiful and exotic that they immediately decided to marry them and bring them to Croatia. In order to have a place to live, they decided to build a large three-storey house. What was inconvenient was that the most suitable land was precisely the one on which Marko Sila’s house still stood.

Marko was offered so much money for the house that anyone normal would agree to sell, but not Marko called the Force. Unable to agree with Marko, the Vuković asked for the help of the local mayor, Vuzić. The always unpleasant Marko threatened mayor with death, and when he saw that he had crossed the line and could be arrested, he fled Bol to the Dubrovnik Republic.

Construction begins

Taking advantage of his absence, the brothers began to build walls around Marko’s house with plans to later demolish it. The news came to the Marko and he secretly returned with two barrels of gunpowder, which he placed in holes under the walls with the intention of demolishing them. When he tried to set the gunpowder on fire, the gendarmes arrived, so Marko had to flee again, and construction could continue.

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House in house. Bol, island Brač. Source:

The walls for all three floors were erected and all that still needed to be done for the newlyweds to move in was the roof and floor. Six brothers went to Venice for construction material. On their return, a great tragedy struck them. A terrible storm arose and sank their sailboat leaving no one alive. Since they had no descendants, the line of the Vuković family in Bol on Brač was extinguished.

The end

After the situation calmed down, Marko Sila returned to his house where he lived until his death. Since he did not marry, who would want him so nasty, his nephew lived in the house afterwards, and today the House is a protected cultural monument and another beautiful story about Undiscovered Croatia.

Background picture source: Wikimedia Commons Author: Hedwig Storch

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