Haunted house

29 December 2021.

Written by Matija Čaić

Unlike any other abandoned house, this one in the village of Škrinjari near Bjelovar in central Croatia looks completely ordinary and not haunted at all. It was built relatively recently in 1980, not in some Gothic style, but as an ordinary house like thousands other in Croatia. Located beside the road, the courtyard offers a beautiful view of the surroundings. Its façade is white, has windows, doors, chimney and everything else a family home has to have, but no one ever wanted to live in it…

The curse

With a hard-earned money first owner built it for himself and his children because they wanted to return to their homeland, but they never moved in. The new house was built on the foundations of the old one, which also stood there for decades abandoned. Soon after, he decided to sell it and since then, the house of Skrinjari has changed several owners until the creepy story has spread and no one wants to buy it anymore. For a few decades now, house stands alone and abandoned on the curve, hiding the dark secret.

An abandoned cemetery

When disturbed in their eternal sleep, the dead pass from the shadow world to ours and try to drive away the living out of their territory until they are disturb them no more. The Škrinjari House was built on an abandoned cemetery and perhaps its awakened residents are the source of its curse.

The house is spreading around the aura of fear. Everyone who comes near get this weird feeling of uneasiness, restlessness and coldness, and everywhere around the house is spreading an uncomfortable and heavy smell. Animals are much more susceptible to anomalies in energy fields, so they avoid the house or start to behave strangely at its vicinity, sometimes they just stand in place and look fascinated at one spot.

On the road in front of the house, traffic accidents are more frequent than in the rest of the area, and a special spice to the entire atmosphere gives the black cross on the façade under the roof.


An especially unpleasant odor spreads out of the well in the yard. The story goes that a family with a small child lived in the house. Once a child, playing, fell into the well and drowned. Nobody knows why, perhaps his body has never been recovered, or his spirit never left the place of death, but even today his cry from the well can be heard.

Another story is about young woman that was murdered in the house and body was buried into the foundation of the house in order to conceal the crime, and she no longer can leave that place until the house is demolished and her remains are removed and buried on the sacred ground.

n unknown adventurer even managed to capture the silhouette of a woman on his camera when tried to investigate the Škrinjari house. His footage shows a woman turning into a child’s silhouette.

It is possible that this is the same woman the car passengers saw on the bridge on the road with her arms folded and howling at the house. When she turn around, they saw that she had a shadow instead of her face, and holes instead of the eyes.

In the house there are stairs leading to the basement. At the bottom of the stairs are the gates that are now cemented preventing anyone from entering and discovering what lies behind. It is possible that this sealed room hides the secret of the Škrinjari house.

A group of policemen tried to put an end to all stories and sleep in the house to investigate what actually happened. One of them immediately quit as soon as they entered the yard. Others do not remember the last two hours before sunrise. It was as if some dark force had erased their memories of what they saw inside.

In the morning, the locals saw them wandering aimlessly around the house, and several of them had to seek help in psychiatry at the Vila Marija hospital in Bjelovar.

Although the house does not have electricity, people can see a lamp glowing and swinging in the attic.

One brave journalist-investigator managed to spend the night and record a few shots. When he developed the photos there appeared white circles on them called “orgs”. These are the beings of light invisible to the naked eye, but only to light-sensitive devices such as photo devices. Each “org” is unique in its stripes and colors.

Glory to the brave

Whatever the truth was about the Škrinjari house, it still stands abandoned in her place beside the road. It is still owned by a man who can not sell it at all and even offered it free of charge to anyone who spends night in it.

Milka Trnina


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