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8 December 2021.

Written by Matija Čaić

Millions of years ago dinosaurs ruled the Earth. These large and armored lizards did not have natural enemies until some natural disaster had erased them from the face of the Earth and made room for the dominance of much more adaptable and intelligent mammals.

Istria as a finding site

Although they were monumental, the remains of dinosaurs are surprisingly rare, and such rich sites like these in Istria are very, very rare. Istrian dinosaurs left their footprints on the Brijuni and bones in the sea beside Bale.

However, the bones and prints are not enough to let people know the true nature of these magnificent creatures. For this reason, in the woods in Funtana, only a few minutes away from Poreč there is a theme park dedicated to the dire lizards.

Dino park Funtana

Dino Park is imagined as a road to the past that provides adventure and fun for the whole family. Every member here can find something for himself.

It was opened in 2009. and has been constantly upgraded and upgraded since then. All content and plays within the park are included in the ticket price.

Of course, the most interesting are life-size dinosaur replicas. Within a mile and a half of the trail that runs through the woods and shore, visitors can see how they actually looked and even how they sounded. You can see 80 different species all together.

In addition to this main attraction, Dino Park Funtana also offers a show arena with 1000 seats where performances of the Jurassic Variete show are held on a daily basis. Pretty unique show that is definitely worth a look.

Furthermore, there is also an amusement park, a rollercoaster suitably called the dragon coaster, a pirate ship of Tortuga, and for the youngest there is organized riding of the ponies, dinosaurs and children’s ZOO. Photos of these attractions are a guaranteed memories that kids will be happy to remember even when they grow up.

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Dino Park also offers fossil safari, a digging workshop for future archaeologists, a Sea Monsters show featuring marine monsters in natural size, and a Fossil Shop where visitors can buy gifts and souvenirs for permanent memories.

If you want more information, you can get them through this promotional movie or on the official website of Dino Funtana park

Croatia Undiscovered thanks Dino park Funtana for pictures and movie.

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