Croatian Colosseum

12 July 2022.

Written by Matija Čaić

The Romans had a nice habit of building things all the time. So they built roads, infrastructure, monuments and monumental buildings like amphitheaters. The best preserved and one of the largest is the one in Pula.

Arena Pula

The Pula Arena is an amphitheater built by the Romans so that they could enjoy gladiatorial fights. It was built somewhere between 27 BC and year 68. It was originally wooden but was modernized over time to its present-day shape built of limestone.

This arena is the only Roman amphitheater in the world that still has all four sides preserved, and is 6. in size. Its height is 32.45 meters, it is elliptical in shape so that its longer axis is 132.45 and shorter 105.1 meters . Its capacity was 23,000 seats that could be covered with canvas sails.

Below the arena is a series of rooms and corridors for gladiators and animals that entered the battlefield through 15 doors. Each of the four towers of the arena had two cisterns with fragrant water and pumps that could disperse that water over visitors.

Arena after Rome

In the Middle Ages, Maltese knights organized tournaments in it. It often served as a source of beautifully worked building stone, and there was even a plan by the Venetian authorities to dismantle and reassemble the arena in Venice. The last time the arena was used as a quarry was when the Pula Cathedral was being built.

Osijek Fortress


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