Captain Morgan’s treasure

30 December 2021.

Written by Matija Čaić

Dvigrad is a castle near the Lim Channel in Istria, which is in many ways unusual and worth a visit.


As its name suggests, Dvigrad (Double-town) once consisted of two castles, Moncastel and Parentin. Parentin has collapsed so much to this day that there are no ruins left of it while Moncastel can still be visited.

Although in ruins, it can be seen that it was an impressive castle. It had a double row of ramparts, and within them the remains of more than 200 buildings are still visible. The central square is dominated by the Church of St. Sophia.

Captain Morgan

Fleeing from British warships, the famous pirate Henry Morgan sailed into the narrow and long Lim Channel. They unloaded the looted treasure and took it to Dvigrad, where they buried it. They stayed there long enough to become part of the local folklore so that the nearby settlement of Mrgani was named after that captain.

Museum of War for Independence


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