Battle of the gods

14 July 2022.

Written by Matija Čaić

A long time ago while gods still rule the earth and before men drove them to the heavens above and nine hells below, lived a god slightly different than any other. His name was Klek.

Forbidden love

Klek was slavic god of forests. His seductive nature made him hard to fall in love but one day he did. Unfortunately for Klek it was in Mokoš, wife of the supreme god Perun.

Mokoš and Klek tried to hide their love from other gods, but nothing in Perun’s realm stays hidden from his eyes for too long.

Sentence and punishment

Perun found out about Klek’s betrayal and went to find him. Felt that he was discovered, Klek tried to run and hide but he wasn’t match for supreme god. Perun chased him over the mountains and valleys and finally cought him near the city Ogulin and stroke him with the lightning in the leg.

Klek fell helplesly on his back awaiting his fate. Perun approached him and turned him to stone hoping that int his way he will be ridden from his rival forever. Only blood tha was pouring from Klek’s wound remained liquid and today it can be seen as a creek.

Petrified while lying on his back, Klek’s gaze is for eternity directed towards heavens and the only woman he ever loved.

That was the origin oft he mountain Klek, cradle oft he croatian mountaineering.

Magical nature

When god dies his magical nature pours from his body into the surrounding area attracting many mystical and magical creatures especially witches who dance on top every stormy night.

Those witches are noto f the scary kind. If you are lucky you can see them near the mountain home, or at least where they parked their brooms.

You are very welcome to join us.

Aerial view of Klek

Background image: www.tasteofadriatic.com

Sand island


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