The center of the world

19 June 2021.

Written by Matija Čaić

In northern Croatia, there is a small town which, according to the research of an art historian, is considered the center of the world.


In the 19th century, the Swiss Erasmus Weddingen, god knows why, started drawing concentric circles on a map. He took the town of Ludbreg as the center of the circles. After drawing a few of them, he noticed that a number of significant world cities are located on them. This means that they are all equally distant from Ludbreg. From this he drew the conclusion that Ludbreg must be the center of the world.

The people of Ludbreg accepted this and erected a monument on the main square for the new status of their city. The monument consists of multicolored concentric circles. Ludbreg is located in the center, and the names of other cities are written on the circles.

Also, April 1 is The Day of the Center of the World. Only on that day does wine flow from the city fountain instead of water.

Background image:

Ozalj castle


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