Osijek Co-cathedral

14 July 2022.

Written by Matija Čaić

In order for a church to be declared a cathedral, a bishop must sit in it. A concathedral is a church where a bishop sits when he comes to a particular city. In this case, the bishop sits in Đakovo, but he also spends a good part of his time in Osijek as the largest city in Slavonia.

Co-cathedral of St. Peter and Paul

On the site of today’s cathedral stood another church. As Osijek began to develop and become a European city, the Bishop of Đakovo-Osijek realised that this church is too modest for such a city. That is why he ordered the construction of a co-cathedral in the neo-Gothic style.

It was completed in 1900 and since then, with its 94 meters in height, it is the second tallest in Croatia, just behind the Zagreb Cathedral. It is also the third largest church in Croatia after the Zagreb and Đakovo cathedrals.

Mammoth Valley


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