A part of India in Osijek

14 July 2022.

Written by Matija Čaić

As a lowland city, Osijek is full of parks. One, however, stands out with its appearance.

Sakuntala Park

The park was designed by architects Viktor Axmann and Ivan Domes in 1890. It was a neo-romantic time when interest in Eastern mysticism emerged. Therefore, a statue of the Indian Queen Sakuntala was placed in the park, and in 1896 two stone sphinxes were placed at the entrance.

The story of Queen Sakuntala goes like this. She was the daughter of a hermit and a fairy. Since their relationship was not to the liking of the gods, her mother left her on the bank of the river. The abandoned child was surrounded by vultures, but not to harm her but to protect her.

Sakuntala was found by the sage Kanva who adopted her. Later she married King Dushmanta and bore him a son Bharat who became king of the world.

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