Premužić trail

16 February 2023.

Written by Matija Čaić

The wise man said that one who did not walk the Premužić trail cannot get a Croatian citizenship. It is a real shame not to experience that feeling of beauty and freedom that a walk through the most beautiful mountain areas in Croatia provides.

A brief history of the trail

Premužić trail is almost certainly the most beautiful hiking trip in Croatia.

It was conceived by forestry engineer Ante Premužić. It was built for 4 years and was completed in 1933. In order to fit into the protected environment, the trail was built using the traditional drywall technique with minimal intrusion into the natural order.

Premužić envisioned it as a trail accessible to everyone, so it was built without large slopes that would require of you to be in serious shape, and it is wide enough that so far there have been no accidents due to falls. Of course, who wants to see the beauties that are next to the trail like the top of Gromovača, will have to sweat a little.

It is 57 kilometers long and is traced so that it passes through the most beautiful parts of Velebit.

Why she is the most beautiful

The trail passes through the Northern Velebit National Park and the Velebit Nature Park. Its beginning is below the Zavižan peak where there is a mountain lodge of the same name and one of the most beautiful views on one side of the Adriatic islands, and on the other a picturesque valley with a chapel, cows and horses.

Right at the beginning is the botanical garden with endemic and other plants of this area.

First it passes through the forest, and after it rises to a higher altitude, it turns into a real hiking trail where there is a vertical rock on one side and an abyss on the other. Somewhere in that initial part there are strictly protected Hajdučki and Rožanski kukovi, impressive rock formations.

The first shelter after Zavižan is Rossi’s hut where hikers can rest and prepare something to eat.

Behind Rossi’s hut, the trail passes through mountain meadows and pastures all the way to the Veliki Alan pass and a beautifully decorated mountain lodge.

After Alan, the trail continues through the nature park all the way to Baške Oštarije.

A lonely rock


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