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Wooden churches of Turopolje


Turopolje is an area in central Croatia close to Zagreb. The largest city in the area is Velika Gorica. Rivers Kupa and Sava with their confluents have flooded this lowlands, creating many swamps and ponds. The name was derived from the extinct bovine tur (lat. Bos Primigenius) that lived in this area, and is the ancestor of all today’s European species.

Apart from the beef, Turopolje is known for its wooden churches that represent the culmination of folk baroque architecture. Though simple in appearance, the Turopolje churches hide the incredibly luxurious and chic interior, the right masterpiece of local craftsmen and artists.

To date, only thirteen are preserved.

Chapel of St. Barbara

This is the largest and most beautiful of all the wooden churches of Turopolje. It is located in Velika Mlaka, and was built in 1642. It was restored at the end of the 19th century, probably in the same time as the church of the Jesus in Wounds, and the final form was obtained in 1912. There is a very rare representation of the bearded female saint on the cross.

Chapel of St. Barbara. Photo: Ante Vlašić

Parish dorm and wooden shack. Photo: Ante Vlašić

Chapel of Jesus in Wounds

 This chapel is located in Pleško Polje near the most vital Croatian airport. It was built and fitted by nobelwoman Rozalija Plepelić’s in 1758. The Museum of Turopolje in Velika Gorica contains a document from 1767, which describes how local residents collected voluntary contributions for the upkeep of the church. Since 1896 it has its present appearance, and exactly one hundred years later it has been restored.

In the interior is a Way of the Cross of the local artist Mate Mihinica.

 Church of Jesus in Wounds. Photo: Ante Vlašić
Church of St. Mark Evangelist

This is one of the youngest wooden churches of Turopolje. It was built in 1832 and is located in Jakuševac area.

Church of St. Mark Evangelist. Photo: Ante Vlašić

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